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Visual artist Lailahelena Lepistö, Asikkala

This artworks series has started from the clouds. On my travels I always admire the clouds the most. At first I thought about painting only clouds, but it just happened that thoughts started to intertwine around them, thoughts that travel with me.

Travelling if something shows you the true condition of nature. How ruthlessly people damage it in increasing rate. The less theres nature, the more they damage it. Everyones in a hurry to get their own, but human don’t admit its greed. It’s always someone else who is being greedy. Never yourself.

People should change their direction. Go to a whole different trip.

I also wonder alot how I can see beauty in ugly. It has always been a very important task in my lifetime.

- Lailahelena Lepistö, at Asikkala in December 31st 2018.

Artist profile

Visual artist, calligraphy, recycled material dressmaker. Born in 1962 in Helsinki.

Extrinsic description:

Nomadianish lifestyle, at the moment lives in Päijät-Häme, paints in the top floor of an old house. Prefer living without electricity, collects food and medical plants from the forest, and also natures art: worm eaten branches, pine cones, rhizomes, stones, animal bones, feathers...

Is interested in music, folklores, keen (music) as a therapy form.

Mourns chopped forests, the everyday rape of mother nature.

Mental essence: ultramodernist.

Member of Mielentaide ry since 26.4.2015

Mielentaide ry member of the year 2017


Osumat: 169